Single Line Kites &
Kite Shops, Hampshire & Surrey, UK


Single Line Kite Collection

We stock or can supply a large range of single line kites in varying designs from novelty designs to hobbyist sports and stunt kites.

Prices for our single line kites begin at just £9.95 - please call us for exact competitive pricing.

To view a larger image of a kite simply click on the picture. You can then view the pictures in sequence by placing your cursor left or right of the picture that opens so as to view the previous, or next image.

aircraft kite bat kite bat kite red bat kite yellow

bow kite

Aircraft Kite Bat Mini Kite Bat Kite Red Bat Kite Yellow Bow Kite
butterfly kite butterfly kite canard kite delta bat kite delta kites
Butterfly Monarch Butterfly Stalachtis Canard Wing Delta Bat Delta Charly
delta graphic delta graphic delta hybrid
Delta Graphic Delta Graphic Rainbow Delta Hybrid 130cm Delta Hybrid 240cm Delta JollyRoger
Delta Lucky Star Delta OKD Delta Pyro Delta Rainbow Delta Sail Boat
Delta Sport 2m Delta Star Delta Sunrise F Box Flowform 1
Flowform 2 Flowtail White Froggy Generator Rainbow Giant Star Rainbow
Horvath Kimono Geisha Kimono Man Kimono Samurai Kimono Woman
Manta Ray Mega-Bol Mega-Turbine Old Nick Paradise Bird
Parafoil 7 Parafoil 16 Piranha Porky 2 Porky Motorcar
Powersled 3 Powersled 6 Powersled 9 Powersled 17 Roto
Rotospinner Rainbow Satellite Treczoks Cody Veggie Bean Veggie Carrot
Veggie Chili Xelon 1 Zeppelin