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Kids' / Children's Kite Collection

Choose from our range of kids 3D kites or the fun children's kite range from Eddy.Kite flying with the kids isideal family fun and the children's kites are very affordable. See also our 'Single Line Kites' section for other kite designs your kids might enjoy.

Prices for our kids' and children's kites begin at just £4.50 - please call us for exact competitive pricing.

To view a larger image of a kite simply click on the picture. You can then view the pictures in sequence by placing your cursor left or right of the picture that opens so as to view the previous, or next image

3d bee kite 3d jaws kite bat kite red 3d lobster kite

delta bat

3D Bee 3D Jaws 3D Ladybird 3D Lobster Delta Bat
bow kite delta fountain delta jolly roger delta lucky star

delta sail boat

Delta Charly Delta Fountain Delta Jolly Roger Delta Lucky Star Delta Sail Boat
eddy airplane eddy bronco eddy clown eddy diamond eddy dolphin
Eddy Airplane Eddy Bronco Eddy Clown Eddy Diamond Eddy Dolphin
eddy happy eddy hot air balloon eddy jolly roger eddy jolly roger 50
Eddy Happy Eddy Hot-air Balloon Eddy Jolly Roger Eddy Jolly Roger 50 Eddy Kids Creation
Eddy Pirate Ship Eddy Rainbow Eddy Saturn Eddy Spectrum